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Competitive monitoring for legal tech companies

Decode Your Competitors' Moves: My Proven Legal Tech Earnings Call Checklist

At C Webster Consulting, we uncover competitive insights for legal tech leaders by analyzing competitors' earnings calls. I use a simple yet powerful Earnings Call Checklist to extract intelligence and predict strategic moves.

Now I'm making this checklist available so you can benefit from the techniques I rely on.

With this checklist, I guide clients to focus on three key areas:

  • Financials - Note revenue, profit and expense trends

  • Operations - Sales, productivity...etc.

  • Outlook - Listen for new products, partnerships, leadership changes

The checklist prompts clients with questions to uncover competitive intelligence as we review calls together. We capture threats, predictions and responses.

Equipped with this checklist, clients can:

  • Systematically identify competitor strengths, weaknesses

  • Spot strategic gaps/opportunities

  • Pinpoint alignment/misalignment with their strategy

  • Assess threats and plan countermeasures

  • Continuously update competitive intelligence

Get more strategic insights from earnings calls. Download the checklist I use with clients to start uncovering intelligence that impacts your competitive advantage.

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