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Competitive monitoring for legal tech companies
Competitive monitoring for legal tech companies


Competitive Intelligence turned into Actionable Insights

You need actionable insights to win more clients, grow customer base, and secure market leadership.


Dominating the Market Starts Here.

Win More Clients.  Grow Customer Base.  Attract Investors.  Dominate the Market. 

Proven strategies to attract future investors, scale, and maintain competitive advantage.


Your customers have more options than ever when selecting solutions for their firm needs.  New rivals and disruptors have made the already competitive legal tech market more complex.  Our data-driven insights provide the missing pieces you need to stand out from both current competitors and new entrants.  By zeroing in on real customer pain points, we help you outpace all competition, win more clients, expand your customer base, and achieve total market dominance.  

The objective is never to merely gather insights.

Anyone can do that.

The objective is to surface relevant and actionable insights that lead you to outperform your competition.

We address the needs of legal tech companies providing proven strategies that pinpoint competitive advantage.


C Webster Consulting LLC was formed to provide legal tech companies with competitive intelligence turned into actionable insights to achieve market leadership.  Dominating the market starts here. 

Everything we do is for your company to be in a better position to scale, seek future investors, and grow revenue.

Competitive monitoring for legal tech companies

Experienced Legal Tech industry expert at your side from start-to-finish

Marketing Intelligence for legal tech companies

20+ year deep domain knowledge of legal tech strategy, revenue modeling, P&L, and GTM

We empower legal tech companies for competitive advantage

Agile process to surface specific actionable and relevant insights quickly 

​We provide Legal Technology companies the competitive advantage necessary to attract future investors and scale

Higher level of engagement, domain expertise, and attention to details at a fraction of the cost


Dominating the Market Starts Here

We’re Ready to Empower Your Success.

Your legal tech company will be in a better position to scale, seek future investors, and grow revenue.

A Better Way

You’ll see the difference on your first call.

The expertise
 The focus
The agility
The strategic perspective
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